Thrive Agric | Farm Openings
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Farm Openings

Farm Openings


Welcome to another farming year; 2018 and thank you for being a huge part of our work in 2017. We will do a lot more exciting things this year together.
Kindly follow this link to read a message from our CEO for 2018.

We have spent the last months in the field on-boarding farmers for the raining season, training extension workers with the knowledge and equipping them with technology while also securing off-taker relationships.
In order to help you plan we have listed below details of how we hope to open farms all year. The current plan is for farms to open 1st and 4th week of each month.

Please note that these plans aren’t cast in stone and might change from time to time as we build more off-taker relationships and onboard farmers.

Best Regards
Obaka Ikanni,
Operations Team.
Thrive Agric