Thrive Agric | Update to Co-Farmers
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Update to Co-Farmers

Update to Co-Farmers

Hello Co-farmer,

Thank you for being a huge part of our 2017, and we welcome you to an amazing 2018.

In less than 7 months of operation, we have been able to work directly and indirectly with thousands of smallholder farmers in six northern communities and two southern communities in the country. Our focus so far has been to access to vegetation in areas where effective monitoring can be guaranteed by our team of agriculture extension service agents who are resident in the around the country. Because of this, it only makes sense to have our operational base sited in such areas.

We have always ensured that every crop you fund has a specialist extension agent whose duty is to train your farmers and work towards our goal of ensuring increased agricultural output and because agriculture will always thrive on technology, we are making it possible for all our operations from subscription, planting, harvesting to payment is seamless. To ensure this, we are strengthening our technological base which will in turn increase crop productions and yield per every hectare of land you fund. This translates to higher returns at the end of the season.

During the past months, we witnessed a challenge working with smallholder farmers, and this was reduced farm participation after the rainy season. To manage this problem, our technology and research team started working on a Water Retention Technology (WRT), a system that helps rural farmers create an artificial reservoir, this way our farmers can farm on large hectares even during the dry season. With the WRT you can be confident to farm and have more crop investment options on our platform all-year round.

To ensure steady market sales and engagement of the produce from your farm, last year we started building more collaborations and supply chain with more FMCGs and our business development team will be focusing on maintaining such collaborations with these processing companies for steady supply of your farm goods all year round.

The past months, our operations team have been on the field registering the thousands of farmers we plan to work with this year and creating a unique identifier as well as bank verification numbers to aid easy tracking throughout the farming operations. After this, we would continue with our process of land mapping of every hectare of land identified, alongside training of farmers on best practices to scale up yield per hectare.

In the coming weeks, we are excited to launch a cattle-fattening project. We identified this as a solid opportunity especially in the area of meat and livestock production. We look forward to this exciting project, kindly stay updated with our email feeds for more updates on this.

As mentioned earlier, we are introducing a lot more exciting packages to make your subscription on our platform more user-friendly and increase your funding options. One of such packages to be launched is a personalized wallet system, now you can plan and schedule different subscription options based on the timetable of selected crops that will be given to you.

We cannot overemphasize how honored we are to have you work with us to change the face of agriculture across Africa. We are confident that the year ahead promises greater experiences for you and us, and as we continue to work hard as a team, we will truly become more successful in our pursuit to build dreams.

We will be glad to know how to serve you better also. Kindly send an email to

Thank you,

Uka Eje
Thrive Agric