Thrive Agric | Cattle Fattening Farm
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Cattle Fattening Farm


ROI : 20%

Duration: 6 months

Farm Location :Oloba Village, Iwo, Osun State

Farm Size :100 cows

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Beef demand has been on the increase in both local and international markets. In 2014 meat consumption in Nigeria was estimated to grow from 360,000 tonnes to 1,300,000 tonnes by 2050 and beef from cattle makes up a huge part of this estimate.

Cattle fattening is an intensive system of managing cattle through restricted movement and high nutrition based diet (concentrates and forages) thereby increasing the growth and weight gain of the animal at a rapid rate.

The fattening process itself will take about 4-5 months. The extra month is for sales.

Our farmers have a private cattle ranch in Osun state which has been in operations for years. We also have a veterinary doctor on the ground for animal health and management.

Each unit you select represents 1 cow.