Thrive Agric | Cowpea Farm
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Cowpea Farm


ROI: To be updated soon

Duration: To be updated soon


Farm Location: Dogondaji Sanga Local Government Area Kaduna State.

Farm Size : 125 Acres

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Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata), is a food and animal feed crop grown in the semi-arid tropics covering Africa, Asia, Europe, United States and Central and South America. It originated and was domesticated in Southern Africa and was later moved to East and West Africa and Asia.

The grains contain 25% protein, and several vitamins and minerals. The plant tolerates drought, performs well in a wide variety of soils, and being a legume, it replenishes low fertility soils when the roots are left to decay. It is grown m

Farm takes typically 3-4 months to grow

Each unit you select is an acre

You can fund just one acre, or more.