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Maize Farm



Duration: 9 Months

LOI: Signed


Farm Location: Soba, Ikara, Kudan, Tudun Wada, Makarfi, Kubau and Sabon gari Kaduna State

Farm Size: 30,000 Acres

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Maize farming has been done commercially in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular for decades now. Maize farming is a high-potential opportunity for Nigeria and its people, especially those who are willing to learn how to turn a business idea as this to wealth.

Maize is perhaps the most common food crop in Nigeria, and also the most important as it is eaten in various dishes and forms the basis for most of the meals prepared by the average Nigerian family.

As we all know, corn is a crop cheaper than rice and wheat, two of the other most consumed cereals, and this affordability makes maize hugely popular.

The time duration allows for planting, drying, harvest, and storage before sales to off-takers.

The farm is located inSoba, Ikara, Kudan, Tudun Wada, Makarfi, Kubau and Sabon gari Kaduna State.

Each Quantity you select refers to an acre.