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November 22, 2022

Taking The World By Storm One Farmer At A Time!

Hi farmily,

Do you know that while ThriveAgric is building the largest network of profitable smallholder farmers across Africa, we're also working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals?

We explore how we do this in our 2017-2021 Impact Report.

What exactly is in there?

First, we dig into our six step approach for acquiring farmers and our go-to-market strategy. Then we share the milestones we have reached so far. In addition, we guide you through the barriers our smallholder farmers encounter before we are able to reach and support them.

While we're excited about the impact we've made, there are still many farmers out there who need our technology to scale, and remember, our vision is to build an Africa that feeds herself and the world.

Our successes with these farmers include producing food, improving livelihoods, empowering youth & communities, and ensuring financial & social inclusion, but the story wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t use technology; both software and hardware. 

And for software, our step-by-step approach - Farmer Onboarding, Farm Mapping, Input Distribution, Field Monitoring, Harvesting & Inventory Management; are carried out through our Agricultural Operating System (AOS).

Farmily, you should know more, so please access the full report via this link

We promise it’s not much of a brag.😉

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