Thrive Agric | Identification of location, farmers clustering, and data collection.
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Identification of location, farmers clustering, and data collection.

Identification of location, farmers clustering, and data collection.

Operations for our 30000 maize unit farm kicked off earlier this week and it has been more than energetic. Thanks to you it has been our largest project so far.

Several maize farming communities were identified in Kaduna where we met with the community and farmer leaders (Angwan Sarkin & Sarkin Noma) to brief them of the project and solicit their support. The reception was very welcome to the extent that we were entertained with some delicacies and snacks (Nunu, Ridi & Suya). P.S. We should send these delicacies someday  to you as returns from the farms

We have been able to identify warehouses in the separate communities for inputs and harvest storage and also ascertained the security status of the locations visited.

We are working with close to 30,000 farmers from several communities and wards in 7 local governments in Kaduna. The wards are; Maigana, Soba, Kinkiba, Yakasai, Awai, Gimba, Richifa, Rahama, Garu, Sambirni, Takalafiya, Dutsenwai, Kubau, Zuntu, Kampanin, Maude, Maraban kubau, Ikara, Makarfi, Mayere, just to mention a few. The process has been really exciting, and the goal of feeding Africa and the world keeps us going and it has been more than thrilling.

So far, the Maize project has employed not less than 60 persons directly and 300 indirectly officers (via contract) from the communities as field officers, warehouse managers, security, etc. These field officers have already been kitted with their on-field materials, backpacks, field mapping devices, and the needed logistics, to ensure a smooth sail of the entire operations from planting farm inspection down till harvest. Lead farmers have been recruited and farmers clustering is currently at 85% already.

Land mapping and input distribution will commence next month. We plan to keep the smiles on our farmer’s faces coming, thanks to you. We will be happy having you keep in touch or request a visit to our farms soon.


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