Building the Largest Network of Profitable African Farmers

We leverage technology to empower smallholder farmers across Africa by linking them to finance, data-driven best practices, and access to local & global markets for their commodities; towards ensuring food security for all.

Our Impact in Numbers

From a small town in Kaduna state, Nigeria with less than 500 smallholder farmers to...


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SDG Targets

What We Do

We explore a full range of agricultural technology solutions that ensure maximum value at the least possible cost to smallholder farmers and other relevant stakeholders, ultimately leading to food security for Africans and the world.

  • This is the first step in our process where we collect key farmer data (name, location, gender, facial recognition etc), group them in clusters per community, and assign a group leader to each one for better management, training, and development.

  • After onboarding, we identify the coordinates and measure the size of each farmland as well as inspect viablility, particularly features like soil texture, slope & proximity to water.

  • We finance through farm inputs and not cash. At this stage, we calculate and disburse loans to smallholder farmers in form of improved seeds, fertilisers and crop protection products, based on farm mapping data and credit worthiness.

  • As soon as farm inputs are received, farmers begin to plant and we assign field officers to sets of farmer clusters to give tailored advisory, ensure adherance to data-driven best practices, and track progress till harvest.

  • During this period, we distribute required materials for harvest collection, receive, document and process farmer commodities for storage and digital payment, upon arrival at our warehouses.

  • We monitor all offtaker and inventory activities on all available commodities post harvest.

Who We Are

We are a fast-growing agricultural technology company passionate about ensuring food security. We empower smallholder farmers, leveraging our technology to access finance, and improve productivity & sales to promote food security.

How We Help

We don't only support smallholder farmers, we enable the entire agriculture value chain.

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Food Producers

We empower smallholder farmers with quality inputs and more to achieve optimum yield, profitable returns & lower poverty rates, while ensuring the required food supply.


Food Financiers

We provide credible financing channels and visibility into smallholder farmer operations towards achieving zero hunger, job creation, economic growth, social & financial inclusion.


Food Processors & Consumers

We are a reliable partner of choice for delivery of quality & healthy produce to meet increasing consumer demands and achieve food security.

Our Partners