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ThriveAgric is a fast-growing technology-driven agricultural company, passionate about ensuring food security. The company does this by linking smallholder farmers to capital, data-driven best practices, and access to local and global markets for their commodities.
ThriveAgric leverages technology to provide profitable support for smallholder farmers across Africa, thereby strengthening the foundation of the different value chains in the agriculture industry towards increasing food production. We offer services such as farmer onboarding, farm mapping, input distribution, field monitoring, harvesting, and inventory management.
ThriveAgric has developed a proprietary technology called an Agricultural Operating System (AOS), which works entirely offline and powers several apps that enable and enhance different aspects of our operations as well as provide other big data benefits to the agricultural ecosystem.
ThriveAgric was founded in 2017, and began full operations in 2018.
ThriveAgric’s vision is to build an Africa that feeds herself and the world, and our mission is to build the largest network of profitable farmers across Africa, ensuring there's always food for all.
ThriveAgric’s core values are: Growth, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, and Teamwork (GRIIT)