About Us

We are a fast-growing agricultural technology company passionate about ensuring food security. We link farmers to capital, data-driven best practices and access to local and global markets for their commodities.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions. They are who we are. You can say we've got G-R-I-I-T!

  • From our founders, to our farmily, to our farmers; we never stop growing. Literally. We keep breaking boundaries and looking for ways to improve. Season after season

  • We believe every being is worthy of dignity, recognition, and regard. So we do our best to accord these qualities to everyone.

  • For us, integrity is absolute. You either have it or you don't. We do

  • If there’s a newer, better, and more efficient way, we’ll find & use it.

  • With a vision this big, we know it'll take a village to accomplish. Not just a village, a farmily. Yes, f-a-r-m-i-l-y.