About Us

We are a fast-growing agricultural technology company passionate about ensuring food security. We link farmers to capital, data-driven best practices and access to local and global markets for their commodities.

Theory of Change

If We

build Africa's largest farmer business network, providing smallholder farmers with:

Access to capital

Access to advisory on better agriculture practices and modern techniques

Access to market to sell their produce at competitive prices


Smallholder farmers will have the resources to grow high-yield competitive crops, enabling us to build an Africa that feeds herself and the world…

SDG Targets

...leading to the accomplishment of our 2030 SDG targets in 10 African countries:

No Poverty: 15 million farmers earning 2x above minimum wage

Zero Hunger: Increase the productivity of 15 million farmers and provide them with market access

Gender Equality: 5 million female farmers

Decent Work & Economic Growth: 15 million farmers, 3,000 full-time employees, 300,000 contract employees

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: $2.3B credit disbursed to smallholder farmers and agritech solutions built

Responsible Consumption & Production: < 9% post harvest loss