Thrive Agric | About Thrive Agric
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About Thrive Agric


Africa has over 500million smallholder farmers yet is set to spend $110 billion importing food into the country. We believe that Africa has the potential to feed the world, this is why we link smallholder farmers to access to finance to grow their crops, we data driven best practices to increase their yields and link them to a profitable market. We make this possible by giving YOU an opportunity to fund these farmers and you get predictable returns upon harvest. Over the past 18 months, we have worked with 11,467 farmers in 12 states in Nigeria, our farmers also raised over 750,000 birds. In the next 3 years, we plan to reach 1,000,000 smallholder farmers spread across Africa. We are backed by the team at Ventures platform and are a product of  Ycombinator’s startup school and Google’s Launchpad with a mission to ensure food security. Join us as we build an Africa that feeds the world and itself.


Extension workers are deployed on all our farms. They are Agric professionals who in-turn report to our consulting team.


Our extension workers have a custom app which collates data of farmers and farm operations. Our farmers also receive automated sms based on crops they are planting.


Co-ordinates of farms and crops planted, weekly satelitte images, soil condition and other analysis are taken to ensure right predictions on weather conditions and yield


Our farmers are treated with top priority. We ensure they get all they need to have a successfull season from best inputs, to monitoring and good returns. Happy farmers, happy farm


All our farms go through insurance with Leadway assurance such that regardless of what goes wrong, our subscribers capital are insured.


All our farm subscribers get regular updates on the state of their farm. The updates are detailed enough to make our subscribers informed on the planting process.