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June 06, 2024

3 Important Tips To Know As An Agribusiness Before You Ship Food Products (A Brief Guide)

Shipping food to international markets can feel like a hard wall especially with the conditions and guidelines that you have to follow. These, however, are in place to ensure your goods are in safe and proper condition.

So here are 3 important things you must know when shipping food products:

1). Moisture Level

The moisture level must be below 10%.

High moisture levels can ruin food products. When the levels of most food products are higher than 10%, their qualities start to deteriorate quickly, which can cause the importer and/or exporter to lose their investments.

2). The Goods Must Be Transported In The Right Shipping Container

Depending on whether you're shipping fresh foods or dry foods, you need to pack the product in the right type of container.

3). Understand The Food Regulations Of The Country You're Shipping To

Every nation has food regulations that it adheres to. So do proper research and employ experts to make sure you cross your T's and dot your I's

Bonus tip

Get All The Documents Required For Exporting Agricultural Products

When shipping agricultural products, you are usually required to provide a set of documents.

What hacks have helped you ship products successfully abroad? Share down below.

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