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May 30, 2022

Food Prices Rising, Families Not Smiling

Hi farmily…

See, the way food prices are doing ‘legwork’ these days eh! 

‘Omo e choke!’

Did you know that compared to last year, the price of beans has increased by over 50%, garri by over 20%, and tomatoes by over 45%. What are we to do when food costs account for up to 40% of consumer spending in Sub-Saharan Africa? 🤯😩😭

Five reasons why the price of food is on the rise...

Trust us, ‘na our work’ so we did some digging and according to various indices, the worst is not yet over.

What exactly are the reasons for this rise? 

What is the way out? 

Read our article on five reasons why the price of food is on the rise here.

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